The Hunter and the Prey: A Wolfs Tale(short story)


   A lone white wolf scoped the heavily wooded forest, not sure  he would find his prey. But that didn’t change the excitement pulsing throughout his entire body. The thrill that soon he will have prey to chase and kill.
   As his paws padded along the cold snow, his head turned upon the sound of a loud *crack*.He stealthily moved ,his paws not making a sound,though the current weather condition would pose a problem to most. His body crouched low,hiding himself behind a short brush. He peeked through the holes of the leaves,able to stare at his prey only a short distance away.
   Who he saw almost brought a low growl from his throat. He held it in. He had to,he couldn’t screw this up. He was staring at the face of his enemy. The one who took his young bride, his life mate.
   His enemy was human.And he himself, a werewolf. A descendant of a long line of Alphas; kings amongst their own.
   With a powerful push of his hind legs, he leapt, gliding through the air with a gracefulness rarely seen. The beast, aimed perfectly at the large human male, sunk his teeth into his enemies feeble throat and tore the flesh within his jaws from the mans body.
   Blood sprayed at a beat, the crimson slowly coating the snow in droplets, creating beautiful patterns all around them. Dropping the flesh that was once of the mans neck, the wolf stalked over, leaning his face into his as if to say,” I finally got you,you sonofabitch.” The dying man looked back, defeated and slipping away. The wolf stared until the light went from the mans eyes as his spirit left his body for the land of the dead.
   He and his woman were finally free of the monster. His next mission was to find the girl and make her his……forever.

to be continued…

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