For anyone that reads this I’d like to introduce myself:Image My name is Jessica, I am 21 and I graduated from pennfoster (I received my high school diploma online,and no its not any less hard than real classes….sad to say it was actually based on a much harder curriculum but I got by on A’s and B’s) . I am a current student at Tidewater Community College, going for an English based degree. It is my hope to later transfer to Old Dominion University so that I can better my education and myself as a writer. My passions include writing(as mentioned), arts (I can draw pretty well and I love to paint and so on), reading and music.

   I am a practicing Pagan Wiccan (if you have negative things to say of my religion, please keep them off my page and move on…. I try to keep myself positive and I don’t want to feel your negativity. I have no problem with ANY other religion and I hope I will be shown the same courtesy. Thank you). 

   My favorite color is Green, the color of our mother Earth and all her beauty.

   I love most types of movies, especially those about vampires, zombies, werewolves, anything supernatural. I also love movies that are musical; The Phantom Of the Opera, Mama Mia, Les Miserables, and Across the Universe. My favorite show is Supernatural (I love me some Dean Winchester!). I also like Hemlock Grove, NCIS, Lost Girl, Game of Thrones, True Blood and many more.

   As for music, I have no specific preference I love a lot of types of music.

   If you have any questions or positive comments I’m happy to answer you back! Thank you for your time.


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